Phillipines 2020

3 weeks harmonogram with budget

Day 1 – Flight from your home county

We recommend you to avoid Manila and take your flight directly to Cebu. Our flight from Czech Republic was in the afternoon via Dubai and we landed in Cebu next day in the afternoon.

Once you land in Cebu Mactan airport we would recommend you to go directly to Moalboal, we spent first night in Cebu City, but we don´t like the city at all.

Day 2Transfer to Moalboal

Take a taxi from the airport to South Bus terminal – from the arrivals hall turn right and go straight, it is like 5 minutes of walking to the parking where the taxis are. Yellow taxis are airport taxis and the whites are city which should be cheaper, but not sure. Always ask to use taxa meter or set up the price in advance. To South bus terminal the price should be somewhere between 300 – 400 PHP depends on traffic. Payment only cash. Or can also use Grap App (Similar like Uber)

From South bus terminal there are busses to Moalboal every 20 – 30 minutes. It takes 2,5 – 3 hours and cots 160 PHP/per person.

From Moalboal bus station take a tricycle to your accommodation.

We stayed in Pescadores Seaview Suites, which was nice, turtles just behind the hotel.

Daily budget

Taxi Cebu Mactan Airport to South bus terminal 300 – 400 PHP
Bus to Moalboal 160 PHP/per person
Tricycle to accommodation 200 PHP
Total costs for 2 persons 820 – 920 PHP


Day 3 – Kawasan Falls canyoneering, Sardine run, turtle and corals viewing

For Kawasan Falls canyoneering it is a must to have guide cause it can be dangerous. We had @quezoncarba, this guy will make your adventure safe and funny it the same time. If you want to have the canyon of the river only for yourself is good to wake up early. Quezon picked up us at 6:00 am at the hotel, he drove us with his tricycle to the office close to Kawasan falls, where we took life jackets, helmets, water shoes and we did all the security staff. Then the staff from the office drive us by motorbike to the top of the hills where the adventure started – 4-5 hours at first hiking, then climbing down the canyon of the river, jumping and sliding from the rocks, and much more there is also swing rope to one of the pools. When you are done there is lunch ready in the office for you included in the price. We were back in the hotel at 2 pm.

Sardine run, turtle and corals viewing 

We saw a lot of turtles just like 10m away from our hotel beach! (PESCADORES SEAVIEW SUITES), there are also a lot of starfish and more far away from the costs there are beautiful colourful corals (still in safety swimming distance). Short walk from the hotel there is Panagsama beach where is another turtle view spot (with more tourists) and famous Sardine run. A lot of local guides (even hotels) will offer you tours to see turtles and Sardine run, but please keep in mind you DON´T NEED any guide, it is everything very close from the cost, you can swim (sometimes even walk) there by your own! All what you need is snorkel mask and fins. If you don´t have your own you can rent it in your accommodation.

Daily budget

Kawasan Falls canyoneering 1 500 PHP/per person
Snorkel masks and fins 200 PHP/per person
Total cost for 2 persons 3 400 PHP

Day 4 – Inambakan Falls and Casino or Osmena peak

Rent a motorbike in your accommodation and go to explore another water falls, there are more options so you can choose or you can see more of them as they are close to each other.

Inambakan falls
Dao Falls
Binalayan hidden Falls
Aguinid Falls

We prefer to stay in one place to fully enjoy the beauty of that place, atmosphere and relax, instead to see more places in hurry. That’s why we choose only one, the Inambakan Falls. As you arrive to the parking spot of course you will be charged for the parking, but there will also probably be a guide who will catch you immediately. But keep in mind you need guide only if you would like to go to second level of the waterfall, to see the first level and all surrounding you can by your own.

On your way back drive to watch the sunset to Casino or Osmena peak.

Osmena Peak is the highest peak in Cebu. There is parking place close from the entrance. Then you have to hike like 2 minutes to get up, you can take a guide if you wish but it is not necessary. If you are lucky and the visibility is good you can see Negros island and Bohol.

Casino Peak which is also called Lugsangan Peak is not as well known as Osmena Peak is so there is less tourists. Hike to the top will take you around 10 minutes.

Daily budget

Motorbike 500 PHP
Petrol – full tank 140 PHP
Parking Inambakan falls 20 PHP
Entrance Inambakan falls 50 PHP/per person
Guide Inambakan falls 200 PHP
Parking Osmena Peak 20 PHP
Entrance Osmena Peak 30 PHP/per person
Total costs for 2 persons 1 040 PHP

Day 5 – Transfer to Port Barton

Almost all flights from Cebu Mactan Airport to Palawan – Puerto Princessa are during morning hours, that means you need to take a taxi to get there early enough. Our flight was at 10 am so we took a taxi at 5 am. It is easy to take a taxi, just ask any tricycle drivers and they will help you or ask @quezoncarba he will manage it for you as well.

If is your flight later you can take a bus which will cost you only 160 PHP/per person, and then taxi to the airport from bus station which is around 350 PHP (depends on traffic).

Once you arrive to Puerto Princessa airport there will be tricycles waiting you outside. You just need to tell them you are going to Port Barton and they will drive you to the office where you will wait for your van to Port Barton. The trip by van is adventure itself, you will be at least 3 hours crammed in one car with at least another 10 people.

From Port Barton station you can walk to your accommodation or take a tricycle which is very cheap, but at first don´t forget signed yourself to the book and pay environmental fee in the info desk.

Daily budget

Taxi to the airport 2 500 PHP
Flight for 2 persons with one checked baggage (20kg) 3 860 PHP
Van to the Port Barton 500 PHP/per person
Environmental fee 50 PHP/per person
Tricycle to your accommodation 50 PHP
Total costs for 2 persons 7 510 PHP

Day 6 – White beach, Coconut beach

Take a rest! Easy relax day.

Rent a motorbike in your accommodation or somewhere else (but the prices are almost the same everywhere) and go to explore beaches nearby. They are close to each other around 20 drive from Port Barton. Be careful there is no proper road and it is very rocky and bumpy. If you are not good motorbike driver rather take a boat from Port Barton.

Daily budget

Motorbike rental 500 PHP
Petrol full tank 200 HP
Entrance White beach 50 PHP/per person
Entrance Coconut beach 30 PHP/per person
Total costs for 2 persons  860 PHP

Day 7 – Port Barton island hopping tour

Doesn´t matter where you book your boat tour as there all the same for the same price. We just took it easy and booked it in our accommodation evening before.

Daily budget

Boat tour 1 200 PHP/per person
Total costs for 2 persons 2 400 PHP

Day 8 – Transfer to El Nido

There are vans going to El Nido at least 3 times per day. The ride will take more less 4 hours. Again very “comfortable”. Van will drop you just outside El Nido where tricycles will be waiting.

Daily budget

Van to El Nido 600 PHP/per person
Tricycle to your accommodation 100 PHP
Total costs for 2 persons 1 300 PHP

Day 9 – El Nido island hopping tour

Boat tours are the most common activities in El Nido. They have very impressive names Tour A, B, C or D. Most famous and also touristy are tour A and C, that’s why we choose B, which is combination of islands and caves with lunch on the beach.

Daily budget

Boat tour B with all environmental fees 1 500 PHP/per person
Total costs for 2 persons                                      3 000 PHP

El Nido boat tour B

Day 10 – Transfer to Coron

There are two kinds of ferry going to Coron every day. Slow one, which takes 6 hours and of course is cheaper. Second option which we choose is Fast ferry, which takes around 4 hours. If you like more adventure you can take over nights tour. From the port take a tricycle to your accommodation.

Daily budget

Fast ferry to Coron 1 800 PHP/per person
Tricycle to your accommodation 100 PHP
Total costs for 2 persons 6 700 PHP

Day 11 – Coron private boat tour

If you want to avoid crowds and know exactly what you want to see take a private boat and start your trip early. In private tour there is no lunch, environmental and entrance fees included. The boat man will help you buy some fresh food in the market and will make it for you on the boat. You can also rent a kayak to take it with you and use it where you like.

If you need to be on budget you can choose one of many tours they are offered there (Coron Island Super Ultimate Tour). Then you will have all included.

We choose the Coron highlights – Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Barracuda Lake, rent a kayak for Twin Lagoons and fins for diving in Barracuda Lake.

Daily budget

Private boat tour 2 700 PHP
Environmental and entrance fees 850 PHP/per person
Kayak rental 1 200 PHP/day
Fins rental 300 PHP/per person
Total costs for 2 persons  6 200 PHP

Day 12 – Coron island Escapade tour

You can choose from 4 tours, depends what you have seen before. If you did the same tour as we did you can choose now Island Escapade Tour or Reefs and Wrecks Tour. We choose Island Escapade, but unfortunately we weren’t there as we got food poisoning the day before.

Coron Island Ultimate Tour – Kayangan Lake, Skeleton Wreck, Twin Lagoons
Islands Escapade Tour – Malcapuya Island, Banana Island, Bulog Dos Island
Reefs and Wrecks Tour – historic wreck, coral gardens of Coron, Pass Island
Coron Island Super Ultimate Tour – Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoons, CYC Beach, Banul Beach, Skeleton Wreck

Daily budget

Island Escapade Tour 1 200 PHP/per person
Total costs for 2 persons            2 400 PHP

Day 13 – Transfer to Siargao

The day before ask reception stuff on your accommodation to set up airport transfer. They will probably call you van.

There are no direction flights. We had a transfer in Cebu.

On the Sayak airport, Siargao, there will be also vans waiting for you.

Daily budget

Transport to airport 150 PHP/per person
Flight for 2 to Siargao via Cebu with checked baggage 20kg 1 900 PHP
Transport from airport to accommodation (General Luna) 300 PHP/per person
Total costs for 2 persons       2 800 PHP   


Day 14 – Relax at Cloud9, watching surfers

We would highly recommend you to rent a motorbike for your whale stay in Siargao. It is very handy, especially when your accommodation is not in the centre of General Luna, and it is not expensive. More days, lower price.

Take your motorbike and go to explore General Luna, then drive to famous Cloud 9.

Daily budget

Motorbike rental for 7 days 2 450 PHP
Petrol 420 PHP
Entrance Cloud 9 50 PHP/per person
Total costs for 2 persons   2 970 PHP

Day 15 – Surf lesson, Maasin river

For the surfing you need to check the water tide out as there is no possible to surf in Siargao when is low tide. You can book your surf lesson in advance then they will tell you what time is the best or you can easily search it in the internet. You can take your lesson in famous Cloud 9 with hundreds of other tourists or somewhere close to General Luna, what we did for the first time. We booked our first lesson for the next day in centre of General Luna, it looked very professional, but it actually wasn´t. We were bit disappointed as they took us to the place with quite huge waves and they didn´t have much care about us. But we can highly recommend you to go to Secret beach, which is 20minutes drive from General Luna. It is amazing place to surf, nice conditions for beginners and you can catch here super helpful lecture as we did for second time.

During rest of your day drive throw coconut farm view point to Maasin river. Make sure you will take kayak drive there as it was one of the best experiences in Philippines.

Daily budget

Private surf lesson 600 PHP/per person
Maasin river entrance 50 PHP/per person
Maasin river kayak tour 500 PHP
Total costs for 2 persons      1 800 PHP

Day 16 – Magpupungko rock pools and the beach on the top

Drive your motorbike to Magpupungko rock pools but make sure the water tide is low otherwise you will not be allowed to go to the pools. Then continue to Alegria beach. You can also visit Tak tak waterfall or Tayangban cave on your way.

Daily budget

Entrance and parking fees for 2 person  Magpupunkgo 150 PHP
Entrance Alegria beach 50 PHP/per person
Parking fee Alegria beach 25 PHP
Total costs for 2 persons 275 PHP

Day 17 – 3 island hopping

Most famous whole day island hopping in Siargao. You can book this trip almost everywhere in General Luna, prices are more less the same. Book it at least evening before.

Daily budget

sland hopping 1 200 PHP/per person
Total costs for 2 persons  2 400 PHP

Day 18 – Sugba lagoon

To get to Sugba lagoon drive your motorbike to Del Carmen from where are boats going there. Boats are quite expensive but you can share them with other tourists to get better price as the boat is good for 6 people. There is generous sea life around, it is nice to rent a kayak and snorkelling there.

Daily budget

Sugba lagoon boat (6 persons) 1 600 PHP/boat
Kayak 300 PHP/per hour
Total costs for 2 persons 1 900 PHP

Day 19 – Surf lesson

Take second lesson on Secret beach or whenever you wish and then just enjoy your last day in Siargao.

Daily budget

Surf lesson 600 PHP/per person
Total costs for 2 persons 1 200 PHP

Day 20 – Flight to Cebu, flight to transfer destination

Easiest way how to get to the airport is ask on your accommodation to set up the van drive there.

Daily budget

Flight for 2 to Cebu with checked baggage 20 kg 1 300 PHP
Total costs for 2 persons 1 300 PHP

Day 21 – Flight to your country


Additional costs
Accommodation – private room with bathroom, breakfast 650 PHP/per night
Total for 18 nights, 2 persons          11 700 PHP
Food – snack for the lunch, dinner and drinks 600 PHP/per person/day
Total for 21 days, 2 persons               25 200 PHP       


87 275 PHP

El Nido to Coron boat tout* 16 000 PHP/per person

*From El Nido you can take over nights boat – 3 days /2 nights. We haven´t done it, but it is the one thing we regret.


Final Budget


50 375 PHP

As you can see them in the travel guide above.


46 800 PHP

Room with private bathroom, breakfast included 2 600 PHP/per night; Total for 18 nights, 2 persons


25 200 PHP

Snack for the lunch, dinner and drinks 600 PHP/per person/per day ;Total for 21 days, 2 persons


122 375 PHP

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