Phillipines 2020

What we don´t like in Philippines

Ok, to be honest there are a few things which we don´t like about this country. The main one is a mess! You can find garbage and dirt wherever people live, fortunately not in pure nature. We experienced a huge cultural shock when we first arrived in Cebu city (probably even bigger than it is usual cause it was our first time in Asia at all). The second issue which we were disappointed with was that not all Philippinos were nice as we thought… We met o lot of really nice, friendly and super helpful local people but unfortunately we also met some which were just trying to get money from us. In the other hand I can understand to get a job there and feed the family is not easy, especially during the corona virus world situation, when there are less and less tourists at that time. But it’s still no reason to cheat them with crazy prices.

Noise it is chapter itself. Philippinos probably never sleep, when is your accommodation close to centre, main lagoon or in downtown you will hear voices and motorbikes all night, when is your place on beach or somewhere more far away you will hear cocks and barking dogs, what is better? But don´t worry in two weeks you will get to use to it both J

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