Phillipines 2020

Top 10 experiences what we have done in Phillipines

1. Kawasan falls canyoneering (Cebu)

First day when we arrived to Moalboal we met Quezon Carba, tricycle driver who took us to the hotel, we were talking as we found out he is not only tricycle driver but local guide. At the end we set up half day Kawasan falls trip for the next day with him. We weren’t one hundred percent sure what it is going on, but finally we are happy we did it as it was one of the best experiences ever! He drove us with his local Lamborgini to the office close to Kawasan falls, where we took life jackets, helmets, water shoes and we did all the security staff. Then the adventure started – 4-5 hours at first hiking, then climbing down the canyon of the river, jumping and sliding from the rocks, and much more there is also swing rope to one of the pools. If you are fit, we would highly recommend you to do canyoneering instead just go to see waterfalls pools at the end. They are beautiful but full of tourists! Just contact @quezoncarba on Instagram and make sure to keep smiling on the picture which he will make for you.

2. Moalboal snorkelling and free diving (Cebu)

We saw a lot of turtles just like 10m away from our hotel beach! (PESCADORES SEAVIEW SUITES), there are also a lot of starfish and more far away from the costs there are beautiful colourful corals (still in safety swimming distance). Short walk from the hotel there is Panagsama beach where is another turtle view spot (with more tourists) and famous Sardine run. A lot of local guides (even hotels) will offer you tours to see turtles and Sardine run, but please keep in mind you DON´T NEED any guide, it is everything very close from the cost, you can swim (sometimes even walk) there by your own! Take a guide only if you want him to take a picture of you with turtle. Make sure you are wearing fins to get easier more deep to the all beautiful corals.

3. White beach, Coconut beach (Palawan)

These beaches are probably the best beaches we have ever visit. If you are beach lover make sure, to go there! White beach is tropical paradise, long wide sand beach surrounded with lot of palm trees and hammocks. Great place to spend whole day doing nothing as relax during your travel. There is also one restaurant/bar in the middle where you can take your lunch. White beach is quite famous but still not over crowded. Coconut beach looks very similar but smaller with no bar or restaurant. Just sand beach with couple of hammocks surrounded by pure nature. It can easily happen you will be only one person there, but you will not be alone, there are pigs living close. Both of them are very close to Port Barton and also close to each other. If you would like to see both of them you can rent motorbike (what we did) and drive there, which takes around 20 minutes (depends where you stay in Port Barton) but there is now proper road and the way there is very bumpy. If you don´t feel comfortable to drive a motorbike We would rather to recommend you to take a boat from Port Barton, but the boat goes only to White Beach.

4. El Nido boat tour B (Palawan)

Boat tours are the most common activities in El Nido. They have very impressive names Tour A, B, C or D. Most famous and also touristy are tour A and C, that’s why we choose B, which is combination of islands and caves with lunch on the beach. Snake island – fantastic long sand bar, Cudugnon cave, Cathedral cave, Pinagbuyutan island and Entalula beach. Of course you can also take the private boat, but El Nido is I would say most touristic place in the whole Philippines so even you have your private boat you will not probably avoid other groups of tourists.

5. Coron private boat tour (Coron)

Coron is the place where is worth taking private boat to avoid crowds. You can start your trip earlier than the others boats, choose and mix the places which you like to see. We choose the Coron highlights – Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Barracuda Lake. You can see more places in your trip if you wish, but we prefer to see less places and stay longer – we were swimming and free diving in Barracuda lake almost whole afternoon. If you are taking the private boat remember there is no lunch, environmental and entrance fees included. You can buy some fresh food on the market and your batman will prepare it for you on the boat which is also cool experience!

6. Boat ride on Maasin river (Siargao)

Kayak tour on the Maasin river was the most tropical experience what we have done in the Philippines (Siargao island itself is the most tropical island we have visited). You are riding on the small boat trough real jungle to Secret blue lagoon where are some local people and children ready to climb on palm tree for the fresh coconut for you. On our way back was rainy a bit which made our jungle feelings even stronger. Of course to finish your tour swinging from the coconut tree is a must! As you might get a bit hungry after the boat ride there is nice place to eat real Philippino dish made by locals. When you cross the bridge in direction to General Luna, it is family house on your left site. Fried eggplant with eggs was my favourite.

7. Motorbike adventure (Siargao)

Best way how to explore whole Siargao island is to rent a motorbike. You can see many nice places around the whole island quite easily cause there are no many options to get lostJ Even if you get lost just enjoy your ride as the way itself is wonderful. We went from our accommodation (which was close to General Luna) through the Coconut trees view point, famous Instagram pictures spot – way surrounded by coconut trees with the hill behind – just ride there is a pleasure to Magpupungko Rock Pools. Be sure to arrive there when the water tide is low otherwise you will not be allowed to go there. Actually you will be allowed to pay the parking and entrance fees, but you will not go to the pools as it is dangerous, you will only see the beach around. On the way back you can visit Tayangban Cave Pool. Rest of the day we spent watching surfers at first and later on amazing sunset at Cloud 9.

8. 3 island hopping

Most famous island hopping tour in Siargao – Naked island – Daku island – Guyam island. As you can guess from the name of the first island, it is island with nothing on it even one small palm tree, just sand. Daku island look exactly as I imagine the deserted island. Well there are people living, but if they wouldn´t the island would be like deserted island from adventure movie. We had a delicious lunch which the locals made for us. The third and last island of our trip – Guyam island is just something unbelievable! Very small and cute island. There are some coconut trees, hammocks and slick line in the middle surrounded by beach from one side by the rocks from other. Very clear and warm water. Paradise! Like from fairy tale.

9. Sugba Lagoon

Place where to make friends sharing one boat to get there. Great snorkelling spot with crystal clear water and very rich underwater life – except nice colourful fishes and corals we also seen sea snake, jellyfish, crabs or moray eel.

10. Surfing on Secret Beach

Real secret spot, we would not find it without recommendation (thanks Eliška and Jose). Best place where to surf if you are beginner. I can’t even describe how I enjoyed the lesson. Great instructor is Vindolen Nogalo.

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